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Branson Area Real Photo Postcards

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Click Here to See about 1000 More Ozark Cards by George Hall


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1. The Old Cove School at Notch -- Shepherd of the Hills Country, MO   C-398
1.5. Pearl Spurlock in a 1927 Hupmobile. No identification on card, but sign on car says Shepherd of the Hills TAXI. The sign sappears to list popular destinations, probably related to Harold Bell Wright's book. Click here to see close-up of 1927 Hupmobile radiator emblem.
2. Pearl Spurlock "Shepherd of the Hills," Guide and Lecturer, Branson, MO  Payne. On the reverse of this card someone wrote "1929 Pontiac," but it is a 1929 Buick.
2b. Enlargement of Pearl Spurlock in 1929 Buick, from photo above.
3. "Highway Down Dewey Bald, Shepherd of the Hills.  Payne, Branson, MO."  AZO card, about 1931.  The words, ("Payne" and "Branson" are almost impossible to see in the lower right corner.)  In her 1936 book, Over The Old Ozark Trails, Pearl says, "My husband, G. F. Spurlock, lately deceased, and myself, came to the Ozarks during the [First] World War [1914-1918].  We bought a garage in Branson, the only one here at that time.  We had a couple of Ford taxis to make long drives, and as I had nothing to keep me at home, I spent most of my time at the garage with my husband." As noted below, this card was probably printed in 1931, when Pearl Spurlock had been a professional tour guide and taxi driver for 11 years. And she has apparently switched from the lightweight Fords to larger, heavier, more powerful and softer-riding Buicks.
3b. Enlargement of car in photo above, a 1929 Buick. The sign on the roof of the car says "Shepherd of the Hills - TAXI - All points in the Ozarks." Pearl Spurlock is visible driving the car, along with three passengers.
sohtaxi.jpg (13533 bytes) 4. "Pearl Spurlock--Shepherd of the Hills Taxi. 11 years service."  [The car is a 1929 Buick. If the car is two years old in this photo, then the card was made in 1931 and her Taxi business started in 1920. That would fit the introduction to Spurlock's book, first printed in 1936, which says she had been running the taxi business for 16 years,] 
spurlocktaxi.jpg (70091 bytes) 5. "Pearl Spurlock, Shepherd of the Hills Guide." Payne photo. About 1931. Spurlock is standing beside 1929 Buick. Courtesy Dave Hadsell
spurlockgarage.jpg (46871 bytes) 6. Unmarked card from Pearl Spurlock's personal collection. Probably the garage owned and operated by her first husband, G. F. Spurlock about 1917 to 1920. Courtesy Sam Walz
spurlocklookout.jpg (70948 bytes) 7. Sammy Lane's Lookout.  (Pearl Spurlock standing on ledge) Payne photo.  Courtesy Dave Hadsell
branso03.JPG (24763 bytes) 8. Last resting place at Notch of Uncle Ike -- Aunt Mollie -- Old Matt and the Shepherd of the Hills.  MO-C-396 Courtesy Dave Hadsell, gc
petescave.jpg (26121 bytes) 9. Pete's Cave.  Duncan Photo (Note boy peering out from inside cave.)
10. Pete's Cave. Stoner. Courtesy Mike Cantrell
11. Cabin at "The Forks,"  "Shepherd of the Hills,"  Payne, Branson, Mo
12. The Old Cabin, Mutton Hollow, The Shepherd of the Hills, Branson, MO. Payne, Branson, MO
theforks01.jpg (63202 bytes) 13. "The Forks, Notch, Mo.  Payne, Branson, Mo."  AZO card.  The card in my collection, though unused, is postmarked on the back: "NOTCH, MO, JUL 26, 1932."
14. "The Forks" of "The Shepherd of the Hills," Payne, Branson, Mo.  Courtesy Dave Hadsell
branso02.JPG (20983 bytes) 15. "The Forks" 73  
branso01.JPG (26176 bytes) 16. "The Forks," Shepherd of the Hills
branso11.JPG (19631 bytes) 17. Jim Lane Cabin.  Original Jim Lane Cabin.  Shepherd of the Hills Country, MO     D-12
jimlanewaltz1.jpg (33116 bytes) 18. Jim Lane Cabin, Waltz Studio.  Photo Courtesy Dave Hadsell.
laneduncan.jpg (18765 bytes) 19. Jim Lane's Cabin.  Duncan Photo #5
branso10.JPG (23119 bytes) 20. Lane Cabin [See description on next card]
21. Front: "Original Jim Lane Cabin, Burned on July 22, 1922."  Back: "The Bud Fausett family lived in the original Jim Lane Cabin when it burned in 1922. Three of his daughters are in the picture. They are: Mrs. Dewey Hembree, Reeds Spring, Mo. -- Mrs. Paul Turner, Reeds Spring, Mo. -- Mrs. Dee Gallion, Route #3, Box #222, Saugus, California. Courtesy Dave Hadsell
branso12.JPG (18320 bytes) 22. Jim Lane's Cabin.    Stoner
jimlanecabin1.jpg (19059 bytes) 23. Jim Lane Cabin. Cramer Photo
24. The sign on the cabin reads: "This cabin built on original foundation of the Jim Lane home which burned 1917." Left corner reads: Nielen 227-39.  Rt. corner reads: In the "Shepherd of the Hills Country" Ozarks Region - Mo.  The back has a DOPS stampbox and a typed message: "Let Temperance replace prohibition and Science erase Superstition. A. Nielen. Courtesy Dave Hadsell
25. The Old Fireplace in Jim Lane's Cabin. 15 Fox Photo Company. Courtesy Dave Hadsell
26. Jim Lanes Cabin From Dewey Bald  #3 - divided back with AZO stamp box. Duncan. Courtesy Dave Hadsell.
27. Jim Lane's Spring, Stoner Courtesy Dave Hadsell.
28. Clouds over Shepherd of the Hills Country, Mo. L. L. Cook Co. Courtesy Dave Hadsell.
29. This is not a postcard but a photo of Jim Lane's Cabin taken by Dow Tate. Photo courtesy of Dow's son, Nahum, who says it was "probably on the trip he made there in July of 1913."
30. Ruins of "The Old Mill" near Matt's Cabin. "The Shepherd of the Hills" Country. Payne, Branson, Mo. Courtesy Dave Hadsell.
31. The Old Mill - Stoner Courtesy Dave Hadsell.
32. Shepherd of the Hills Country.  1. Preachin Bill's Cabin, 2.Old Mill Site, 3. Write's [sic] Tent Site, 4. Old Matt's Cabin, 5. Mutton Hollow,   6. Jim Lane's Place, 7. Sammy's Lookout, 8. Dewey Bald, 9. Old Trail. Courtesy Dave Hadsell.
Click here to see photos taken during the production of the 1919 movie, The Shepherd of the Hills.
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