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Uncle Ike RP Postcards

    Harold Bell Wright used little imagination to create his fictional character, "Uncle Ike" in his novel, The Shepherd of the Hills. He simply described Levi Morrill (1837-1926), a real postmaster in one of America's smallest post offices at the crossroads at Notch, Missouri, near Branson and Old Matt's Cabin.  After the publication of Wright's book, Levi Morrill was known as "Uncle Ike" for the remainder of his life. "Uncle Ike" (nee Lee Morrill) died August 22, 1926.

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1. Uncle Ike the Postmaster at the Forks.  339 Hall Photo Co. AZO stamp box with four triangles point up (1904-1918). (This photo was probably taken within minutes of the next postcard, just below, where the mailbags are on the lap of the mail carrier on the horse.)  Courtesy Larry Allen
2. The Mail-Carrier At The Forks, 340 Hall Photo Co.  Very early photo.  Tree still alive, no sign over door, short beard. Courtesy Larry Allen
IkeRP01.JPG (17205 bytes) 3. Uncle Ike, Nee Levi Morrill.  (C) E. R. Morrill 1940  C-459. gc
IkeRP02.JPG (18522 bytes) 4. Uncle Ike at work in the Post Office at "The Forks,"  "The Shepherd of the Hills" story.  E-71 gc
Ike03.JPG (16298 bytes) 5. Uncle Ike, Nee Levi Morrill.  (C) E. R. Morrill 1940  C-459 gc
IkeRP08b.JPG (28589 bytes) 6. Post Office at Cross Roads.  Blake Photo gc
Ike10.JPG (24612 bytes) 7. Uncle Ike and Son.  First mail carrier at Forks.  Watching for the mail at Notch, Mo.  Made famous by Harold Bell Wright's novel, The Shepherd of the Hills, (C) 1926 by R. E. Hinchey, Aurora, Mo. gc
IkeRP09.JPG (28122 bytes) 8. Uncle Ike and Son.  First mail carrier at Forks.  Watching for the mail at Notch, Mo.  Made famous by Harold Bell Wright's novel, The Shepherd of the Hills, D-14 gc
Ike13.JPG (23818 bytes) 9. Uncle Ike's Post Office Notch Missouri in the Ozarks.   Blake Photo gc
Ike11.JPG (26807 bytes) 10. Uncle Ike's Post Office Notch Missouri in the Ozarks.   Blake Photo gc
IkeRP15.JPG (20506 bytes) 11. Uncle Ike's Son in the Old Rocker with Cane and Hat at Notch, PO.  Shepherd of the Hills Country, Missouri.  C-390 gc
Ike14.JPG (20713 bytes) 12. C-448.  Uncle Ike's Son with Old Chair, Hat, and Cane Showing a Portion of Old Barn Were Sammy's Pony Brownie was Kept.  Shepherd of the Hills Country, Mo. gc
Ike18.JPG (19119 bytes) 13. Here Uncle Ike "Reigned Supreme."  Shepherd of the Hills.  Payne, Branson, Mo. gc
Ike12.JPG (21501 bytes) 14. Uncle Ike's Post Office Notch Missouri.  A-25 gc
Ike19.JPG (24520 bytes) 15. "Uncle Ike--his son--his grandson and great-grandson--Taken at the Notch Post Office Shepherd of the Hills Country--Mo."  T75 gc
Ike17.JPG (24069 bytes) 16. Uncle Ike's Grandson and the Old Notch Post Office at the Fork.  Shepherd of the Hills Country, Mo.  C-73 gc
ikeshouse.jpg (42322 bytes) 17. "Home of Uncle Ike, Homesteaded in 1893, Shepherd Of The Hills, Notch, Missouri." 69-A
Ike20.JPG (21367 bytes) 18. "Uncle Ike's son, grandson and great-grandson in front of the Famous Post Office.  Shepherd of the Hills Country, Notch, Mo."  41-C gc
IkeRP04.JPG (17553 bytes) 19. 28  "Uncle Ike." Copyrighted 1927  A. B. Payne gc
ikeplushbw.jpg (46556 bytes) 20. Uncle Ike, Postmaster; Harold Bell Wright, author of "The Shepherd of the Hills"
Copyrighted 1929 by A. B. Payne, Branson, Mo gc
IkeRP05.JPG (20315 bytes) 21. [No inscription on front or back except--but we know who it is.] gc
21b. Same photo as above but with "Uncle Ike" inscribed on front (though the Ike is not visible). Courtesy Dave Hadsell.
ikerocker01.jpg (24063 bytes) 22. "Uncle Ike" AZO. Courtesy Larry Allen
IkeRP06.JPG (19474 bytes) 23. [No inscription on front or back.  Handwritten note on back says the card was purchased August 4, 1921] gc
Ike16.JPG (21975 bytes) 24. Uncle Ike's son--grandson and great-grandson.  Blake Photo gc
4i4p54b.jpg (124813 bytes) 25. The Mail Carrier.  10 Hall Photo Co.  [My source for this picture is a regular photograph, not a postcard, but this picture was probably also sold as a postcard.]
4i4p54c.jpg (27279 bytes) 26. *The Post Office at the Forks & Uncle Ike P. M. 9 Hall Photo Co.  This is not a postcard, but the photo was probably also produced as a postcard. I just haven't seen it yet. This is the earliest photo of "Uncle Ike" I have seen--even before he grew his famous beard. The calendar on the wall is for August 1913.
27. Delivering Mail At "The Forks" to "Uncle Ike's" Wife. Payne Photo, Branson, MO. Courtesy Dave Hadsell.
28. Weaver Brothers Visit Uncle Ike. [This is a postcard but the photo appears to be of a newspaper clipping.] "Remember Uncle Ike, the old postmaster in the Shepherd of the Hills? Here is one of his last photographs, taken with the Weaver brothers, rural Missouri comedians, at the Orpheum theater this week. "We were neighbors of Uncle Ike," says Abner, who in his natural habitat is just about as picturesque a character as the old postmaster. "On our last visit home we hiked over the hill to see our old friend, and had this picture taken."  Courtesy Dave Hadsell.
29."Mother" Morrill at Her Husband's Memorial Tomb, "Shepherd of the Hills" Cemetery, Notch. Payne, Branson, MO. Courtesy Dave Hadsell.
ikesna02.jpg (56201 bytes) 30. This is not a postcard, but a snapshot of Uncle Ike taken by a student from The School of the Ozarks in 1923, three years before Uncle Ike's death. That would make him about 86 years old here. gc
ikesouv1.jpg (29142 bytes) 31. Uncle Ike Souvenir folder.  The two photos to the right are the front and back of a four-panel, folded card, the size of two postcards.
ikesouv.jpg (17107 bytes) 32. Card is not Real Photo, but printed with black ink.  This was evidently printed shortly after Uncle Ike's death, August 22, 1926.  


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